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About Impact

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Impact has worked with world class partners to provide design consultation and engineering support to our clients since 1999. We help our customers evaluate and select the right technologies, vendors, and manufacturing flow to meet their engineering and business goals.
Our highly experienced and technical team helps companies deliver innovative products in segments including Embedded Compute, Datacenter, Medical, Industrial, Communications, IoT, Robotics, and AI.

Technologies and Solutions

Impact provides our customers with leading edge products and design services. We offer technologies that support our customers’ needs including component, module, board, system, and software solutions.
Our broad range of compute solutions are based on Intel, AMD, ARM, NVIDIA, and Ampere, and Hailo and come in form factors including but not limited to rackmount, desktop, tablets, Com-Express, Smarc, mini-ITX, ATX as well as full ODM or custom implementations. Memory, storage, value-added display, RFID, high-performance networking, and data infrastructure solutions help round out our portfolio.

Proven solutions for your next generation designs

Markets and Applications

Impact services a broad range of customers and applications, in New England and throughout many other locations across North America.

We have extensive knowledge in all aspects of embedded computing where we help deliver the optimal compute engine, interface, storage, and network connectivity for our customers’ product requirements. Edge Computing, Industrial Automation, Medical Imaging, Robotic Control, Cloud Computing, Telecom/Datacomm, AI, and IoT are among the applications where we have successful designs in production.
Our offerings include high reliability, extended lifecycle (10+ years), and wide temp solutions for rugged, outdoor, and long-life applications.
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